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Find Out if Your Estrogen is In Balance with Answering these 4 Questions

When you have your estrogen in the sweet spot, as Sara Gottfried, MD says, you feel feminine and content. Your moods are steadier, your face is clear and your body feels well rested.

With lubrication and sufficient blood flow to the genitals for youthful arousal, you respond sexually, and your orgasms feel as robust as when you started enjoying them regularly.

Your breasts feel normal in size, neither too big (excess estrogen) nor droopy or pancakelike (low estrogen) 

If you're cycling, you maneuver through your menstrual cycle noticing ovulation, but not burdened by ovarian or breast cysts or painful, heavy periods.

If you have fibroids or endometriosis, you enter "remission". Your symptoms resolve. Your fibroids or endometriosis starts shrinking. 

Do you experience any of the four symptoms?

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Prunes has been shown to reduce bad oestrogen.  Study in Pubmed:

Alcohol consumption increases bad oestrogen. See  study in Pubmed: 

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