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Retreat on the Greek Islands

Between 18 and 25 August

From Athen through Syros,

the cultural capital of Greece,  to Paros

Your hosts will be:


Yessail skipper with 10+ years experience in sailing Aegean sea – Cyclades to Rhodes, Ionian sea and Baleares. He's a free spirit and free style dancer, man of the sea! He will make sure you enjoy the best beaches, stay safe and meet (and fall in love with) the sea in a completely new way.


Endo-gym® trainer and nutritionist

By nature, she's a gourmand and cook, will make sure that you indulge in delicious yet healthy food. Each of her meals is a feast, and you will be served as in the best restaurants - on the boat. She uses local, fresh ingredients to make a symphony of taste and sent. Jelena has hosted sailing trips with Dado for two years which made her fall in love with Greek islands!

What you get

Your boat will have  6 cabins, a sanitary with each and a salon with kitchen;

Exercising, meditating every day; For exercising you receive a yoga mat and an endo-gym® exercise book;

Healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner you will enjoy on the boat as part of your retreat;

Electricity, water, necessary insurances and taxes are too, covered by your participation fee;


As an Endo-Gym® trainer and  Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Kata holds endo-gym® classes and personal transformation programs in the European Council, Commission and Committee in Brussels.

She transmits her radiant joy in life to the participants, who as a result become more stress resistant, stronger in their core muscles, and ready to take upon new challenges in life. Testimonials see here.

If you bring your friend you receive 50Eur discount and pay 1330Eur.

Payment is due in three installments:

April, June and July.



ask more information: or +32 4999 85091

The Route

Let’s discover together the most amazing pearls of Aegean Sea from another perspective – by sailing!

We will take you to places that cannot be reached by regular travellers: pristine secluded beaches, small ports, and isolated bays! We will recharge batteries by connecting to nature, swimming nude, indulging in healthy freshly prepared food and practicing endo-gym® every day.  The waves will be swinging us to the breathtaking sunsets one can only dream about.

We sail off from Piraeus Port in Athens, the biggest port of Europe, in a luxurious sailing boat, loaded with food and drink!

The wind takes us southern, toward diverse archipelago of Small Cyclades.

We will come across Kythnos, and its most beautiful Kolona beach. It is in fact a sandy bank of about 240 meters length, connecting the island of Kythnos with a small rocky island, that of St. Luke. The strip of sand that connects the two land masses is similar to a prostrate column, thus explaining the name. The sea whets both sides of the sand strip, thereby resulting in two beaches with common sand, creating a truly unique image. The Kolona beach has crystal clear blue waters and coarse golden sand.  At Kolona beach you will not find the “Armiriki” trees that characterize most beaches nor will you find sunbeds, since it is not an organized beach. Yet, on the top of the little hill above the beach there is super chill taverna “Kolona” where we can enjoy drinks and delicious food and hang out with locals.





Moving eastern we reach the center of Cyclade, the most charming pearl of our route - Syros! The town of Hermoupolis is the capital of the Cyclades and one of the most architecturally fascinating ports in the Mediterranean, a living museum with some of the most beautiful 19th Century buildings in Greece.  Instead of the throbbing endless disco beat you will find at the over-exploited beaches on the more visited islands here you can unite with the simplicity of nature and centuries of cultue.

 Reperoir of  the The Apollo Theater, "La Piccola Scala" modeled after the famous La Scala di Milano Opera House in Milan please see:

 If there is an interest, we will organize ticket purchase for some of the concerts on the day we land in Syros. To be discussed before departure.

About Syros:


In the neighborhood there is picturesque island Sifnos, as we like to call it small Mikonos. This is the place with best food in Cyclades (especially locally raised lamb), small but busting port, with many of local tavernas and shops. We can jump into a taxi and go up the hill to the main town, where narrow streets made from white wall houses and authentic tavernas, jewelry shops and Greek fashion boutiques gives a real feeling of relaxed Greece.

Our final destination! Multilayered, multidimensional Paros has a bit of everything you’d expect from an island in the Cyclades archipelago – whitewashed villages, blue-domed churches, blonde-sand beaches, fishing harbours overlooked by taverna tables, plus lively bars and cafés. Most importantly infinite, golden, hidden coves - unique beaches: Chrysi Akti, Santa Maria, Pounta, Kalogeros, Kolymbithres to name some.

For more info:


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