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INDICATIONS, you are safe to practice endo-gym if:

CONTRAINDICATIONS, you should not practice endo-gym if:

a.) Are you older than 25? If you are not one of those from the right drop with contraindications, you are safe to practice endo-gym.

b.) If you are a teenager with issues of your cycle,  come and try to fix them! Otherwise wait till you pass 25.

a.) if you are PREGNANT ( I did practice with my son without a problem, however, no rhythmic contractions. Similarly to when you want to stay pregnant and you are after ovulation. If you fall pregnant  in the period of practicing with me, you may always attend my prenatale classes instead with the remaining classes on your subscription. 

b.) If you have hormone sensitive CANCER, not to interfere with your treatments, please wait for 1 year before and after surgery.

c.) ADVANCED ENDOMETRIOSIS - please double check with your medical professional first.

d.) Did you have ABDOMINAL SURGERY lately? Please wait for 6 weeks, and when your doctor finds you are ready, you may restart exercising.


e.) Do you have FIBROID? Then during your period take a break with endo-gym classes.

f.) If you have ADRENAL FATIGUE avoid our endoHIIT classes.

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