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Belgium and Online
Kata Csehek, (Engish, Dutch, Hungarian)
Endocrine Gym, Aviva Method,
Hormone Yoga Therapist 
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

European Comission, Committe, Vossem Sport, 


About 25 years ago she turned to natural solutions when fixing hormone related problems. Please read more about her journey on Linked in

She delivered her son at 43,  and now devotedly helps others to overcome infertility, subfertility issues naturally or supporting IVF by improving the Ovarian Reserve.  Above 35 with long lasting stress often the goal is simply just to feel better with the life we have, Kata is committed teach you how to boost your happiness hormones.

Estonia and Online
Katri Ristal (Estonian, English, Spanish) 
Endo-Gym Aviva Trainer,
Personal Coach

Katri has a first hand experience in relieving and healing pelvic floor dysfunctions. She is dedicated to advise and supervise women who want to heal and strengthen their pelvic floor.

She is an author of three online courses that teach how to train pelvic floor, how to train with jade egg and how to recover from pregnancy and childbirth.

Katri has practiced yoga for over 16 years and studied various techniques and practices to heal the body, It will be your best decision to call her for help.

Aviva Dance

ISBN 978-963-12-3756-6

Explanations with pictures on how and when to practice the different choreographs

  • 18 steps,

  •  AviShort and

  • the 4 minutes long AviHeavy.

With the guidance of this book you can practice the Aviva Dance alone wherewer you are.

We work in mutual acknowledgement with other organisations teaching the Aviva Method:


New York
Eszter Marossi (English, Hungarian) 
Endo-Gym Aviva Trainer,
Dance Pedagogist

FB page

Since five Eszter has studied ballet,  later modern dance pedagogy and public health. In the past 15 years she's been teaching dance to all age.

When for the recommendation of her gynaecologist she overcome her own feminine health issues by practicing the Aviva Exercises. she knew that this is how she would help others to regain feminine health.  Ask her!

Croatia, Zagreb
Viktorija Misura (Croatian)
Endo-Gym Aviva Trainer,

Zagreb, Private practice of physical therapy Jadranka Brozd;

Mob: +385 (0)99 212 0

Vikrotija is a highly skilled professional with gynecology and obstetric specialization.  She's devoted to help with musculoskeletal problems, incontinence, prolapses, diastasis recti abdominis, infertility. She has overcome her own PCOS with the help of the Aviva Dance and she is a proud mother today. She knows how to give up painkillers for the monthly cramps. If you need help in any of these areas, she's the one you should call.

Jelena Milesevic, 
PhD candidate in food technology, Nutritionist, and a Researcher.
Endo-Gym Aviva Trainer,
Novi Sad


phone/viber/whtasapp: +381603093209

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