If your answer is "yes" for these 3 questions, our new program is for you:

=> Are you a woman?

=> are you in perimenopause

(age 35-47)?

=> are you ready to work on feeling better?

Did you answer with 3 "yes"? Then the
online Endo-Gym® Foundation Training is for you: 
On the online training you learn the selected exercises and techniques that you need to practice regularly then in order to improve your reproductive hormone levels.
The program we developed from a decade long experience on more than 300 women who tried or practiced Endo-Gym® regularly. 
The foundation training takes 2*1,5 hr, in total 3 hrs online.
You may choose:
=> one-on-one (€60 / hrs) - make an appointment
=> in groups (€30 / hrs) - register for a group.
For your regular practice and personal questions along the way, if you need, you'll find support in the Endo-Gym® Hormone Club.
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