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Endo-Gym® is a registered trademark since 2015.

"Endo" refers to endocrine, hormonal, because these carefully selected exercises are intended and found to stimulate the endocrine glands for more optimal work. 

The main working area is the Pelvic Hub, core muscles, the mesentery, pelvic floor, further all three diaphragms, ring muscles and control of breath.

Through the years of practice Endo-Gym® found solutions for personalised approach for certain conditions.

 The exercise routines are topped up with problem related food choice adjustments. 

In 2018 the Institute for Endocrine Gymnastics non profit organisation got formed in Brussels with the intention of conducting scientific researches on the impact of these exercises.

We found that best results the clients can achieve in relation to 
-Early menopause and subfertility
-Anti Mullerian Hormone 
-Menopausal symptoms
-Pelvic Floor dysfunctions
Endo-Gym study 01.png

Leora finished the hormonal transformation program with me: "I have contacted Kata because I was in a very stressful period of my life, struggling with office problems and also with hormonal imbalance which created, also, issues in my intimate life.

The first conversations I had with Kata were very useful, especially because she's a very positive person and she put me immediately in the correct mood to face and solve my issues.

She helped me a lot to reduce the stress, with positive attitude conversations and relaxation exercises.

I have learned stretching exercises for my thyroid, and my lower back pain.

She introduced me to a new type of food which can help in my daily life to improve my hormonal situation. This new diet is also helping my husband, who finally changed his nutrition routine.

Most important, she gave me some very important advice to solve my intimate issues and to rise my progesterone level.

I am very happy about the cycle of meetings I had with her. She's amazing J

Thank you Kata!!!" 

"During the private sessions with Kata we looked at the different factors that influence my hormonal balance. As a result my period returned to its normal cycle after having become more frequent. I also noticed a difference in my skin tone due to the dietary recommendations of Kata. Now I pay more attention to what I eat and what reactions my body gives. I became more conscious about my lifestyle and the choices I make." (Timea Benke)

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